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    • They made 44 offers to people with less than 151?¬†ūüė¶
    • I really don't know how to say this without using basically the same words, again. The table is referring to the number of offers made by U of Ottawa to applicants in various LSAT bands. And then it is referring to the number of students actually enrolled from that band. So apparently in 2016, they made offers to 21 students in the 171-180 band, and 2 were ultimately registered. You're wondering why the low percentage? Because apparently the other 19 received their offers and ultimately didn't take them. Again, because they are strongly competitive applicants and presumably went elsewhere instead. More offers occurring in lower bands because there are a heck of a low more applicants IN those bands. Higher conversion rate as you go lower because now we're talking about weaker applicants who presumably receive fewer other options. This makes perfect sense to me. What is it that you don't understand, exactly? FYI, I have no idea where these posted numbers came from. But I have no trouble interpreting them.
    • Generally, the rule of thumb is to try to have your legal education done in the the city you want to be in after law school. This is because this allows you¬†to¬†start making meaningful connections with colleagues,¬†lawyers and law firms in the area since year 1.¬†I understand that you wish to go to Toronto or Ottawa after law school, so I would stick to schools in those cities if I were you. I am from uOttawa and I enjoy the January intensive term. I like the fact that I can¬†intern¬†at a firm/ legal clinic¬†during the January intensive term.¬†Since we are only required to take 1 course during that term,¬†the intensive term allows me to¬†devote¬†fully to the internship (if I choose to do one), and not have¬†to worry about classes/ exams. Also, given that my family is not in Ottawa, I find it quite nice that I could at times¬†intern at a place close to my family during that period.¬† Hope this helps.¬† ¬†
    • Congratulations! But with documented history of depression,¬† 3.3 and 168 can only get you into¬†TRU and UVic? Why didn't¬†you apply for more?
    • TRU grads seem to place decently well¬†in Vancouver firms, at least from my observation. My completely anecdotal observation is that UBC and UVic grads tend to be represented the most, followed by TRU and out-of-province schools.¬†
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