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Chance me please !!!!!!!! SOS (3.89, 152)

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Can some one please chance me. I am losing hope now

I applied to Windsor, and Windsor is my top school choice. CGPA is 3.89 and I wrote my LSAT in Jan score is 152. I have multiple awards for my GPA and progress in University. I provided the reason as to why my LSAT score is low. I was unable to find a place to study for my LSAT except during my lunch break at work. Covid-19 did not help as I was not able to study in library or coffee shops. Home is not an option for studying due to abuse and many physical threats from family.

Personal statement is very social justice oriented. I worked with a lot of immigrant centers, volunteered to help refugees translate their document as i can speak multiple languages. I have leadership experience, I am the head of the TED talk in my university and many other places. I currently work as a legal assistant and an HR. I also worked in the Labor board, representing workers if unfortunate circumstances arise with their employer. Additionally, I represented many migrant workers who were taken advantage of due to language barriers. I was responsible for remedying the situation. Also I am the chair person in one of the organization in the Diversity committee. My role is review the way things are done during the hiring process to ensure fair representation of people from different backgrounds.

 LOR is from a lawyer and a professor.


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