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Mature student montreal biglaw

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I am starting law school at McGill in the fall. I'm curious about whether firms in Montreal have a prejudice towards mature students as I will be ~29-30 when graduating unlike those straight from CEGEP or straight from university. On top of that my work experience isn't great ie it's not like i was an engineer or accountant etc in my time from graduation of undergrad to starting law (i've just heard those type of work experiences are valued by firms more). I have a background in psychological science and worked in research since graduating my undergrad.. i have a couple pubs but nothing fancy fancy. Will i be starting at a default negative during the recruitment process?

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Hey I'm a bit late here but I can give you my personal experience. It is quit the contrary of what your expectations seem to be.

I did 3 years CEGEP and a 4 year Undergrad (just because I took my time). I spent some time managing a restaurant, then started a law certificate in the evening, then law school. I thought I would be disadvantaged because my background was so far away form the classic path to Biglaw. I will be 28 when graduating.

I just did my Course aux stages and got 4 offers, while having a 3.65 GPA. First, they don't care about your age. If you have done anything productive in the past 10 years, it will be a great advantage to you in the interviews, because you might have more to say than anyone else. Find a way to highlight your maturity/leadership or whatever it is you have developed while others were in high school. I had a lot of misconceptions about a supposed prejudice towards older candidates, but I can assure you they don't really care. Get involved in whatever gets you going and be passionate about something.

Good luck!

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