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Articling Burnout (Pandemic)

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1 hour ago, Rashabon said:

Lol. If you are a warm body in a capital markets or M&A practice at a Bay Street firm the recruiters will fall over themselves so send you emails or LinkedIn messages.

This is also my experience and the experience of friends/colleagues. The emails/messages got particularly crazy in the last couple of months. It certainly seems like U.S. big law is an open door at the moment, as well as the other markets mentioned.

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2 hours ago, Rashabon said:

I started getting cold calls in my second year of practice if I recall correctly. Maybe earlier but definitely not later. I work at a top firm in a capital markets practice so I can't pretend my experience is universal, but at least for me and my colleagues it is exceedingly easy to get offers. Dunno whether they would pan out if I explored them, but the recruiters certainly put the effort in.

For those curious, here's an example of a cold email I received recently:


I am reaching out as I am currently partnering with [Firm] in the search for an Associate to join the Corporate M&A practice in the Cayman Islands.

[Firm] is a leading international law firm. They advise on the laws of V, W, X, Y and Z.  Their corporate clients include international companies of all sizes across all industry sectors, banks, private equity providers and a number of state / government entities. They advise on complex domestic and cross-border corporate and commercial transactions and work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

PQE Level Range (USD) Mode Salary (International Firms)

3       $150,000 – $165,000 $160,000

4       $160,000 – $175,000               $165,000
5      $165,000 – $195,000    $175,000
6      $165,000 – $210,000               $182,500
7      $170,000 – $220,000    $190,000
8+      $180,000 – $300,000               $210,000
Counsel  $240,000 – $315,000    $260,000

  • Tax: 0%
  • Billables: 1500- 1600
  • Excellent work/life balance
  • Full relocation package

If you are interested in discussing an offshore role in a tropical paradise, please drop me an email and we can lock in a time to connect.

So a 3 year call would receive CDN$200k tax free, the same as CDN$345k pretax, to work fewer hours, and not have to worry about skirting around the homeless people blocking the entrance to our exclusive downtown 2bedroom apartments?...

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15 hours ago, CTerror said:

I'm just an articling student, but billing 12, and generally working 16 hours a day just doesn't seem sustainable. At least we have an end date to look forward to. If I was an associate with no end in sight I would've left to either a job where I get much higher pay for the same hours, or a little less pay for substantially less hours. At least I'd know what a weekend feels like again.

I've also heard that students who have literally quit their articles halfway because of the amount of work.

That said, I don't know if this is just normal and students are supposed to bill 180-200 hours a month consistently and we're just a bunch of whiny babies, or if we're being worked abnormally hard. Perhaps some associates can chime in here.

Quit articling? That doesn’t sound too smart seeing as it’s required to become licensed ... 

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Posted (edited)

In my experience a good number of articling students worked 16 hours a day for long stretches. I didn’t. They are now partners and I’m a bureaucrat. I’m fairly content as these things go. As an associate it varied on practice area. I found the hours similar as an associate (I bailed after only a couple years mind you) but you had a better sense of your schedule.

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