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How difficult is it to get a one bedroom at Osgoode Chambers/Passy?

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Hi everyone! I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple schools (UofT and Queens) but am seriously considering going to Osgoode. After looking at the options for apartments in the surrounding area and on campus, I believe I would prefer to live on campus for the first year.

The only thing is I wouldn’t want to live in Assiniboine (mostly because of all the people who say they have a cockroach problem, that’s a hard no for me) and I wouldn’t want to live in a bachelor (I have multiple reasons for this that are personal, but this is also a hard no for me). That means I’m left with hoping to get a one bedroom at Passy — which seems to be pretty competitive. 

So, TLDR; What are the odds I’d get a one bedroom at Passy/Osgoode Chambers if I apply right now vs a month from now (when UofT finishes their third round, gives me time to hear back from Queens too) vs 2 months from now? 


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Not difficult

Securing your spot at Osgoode Chambers

Suites are allocated to incoming JD students on a first-come, first‑served basis. You can apply for housing once you have firmly accepted Osgoode’s offer of admission. We encourage you to apply to Osgoode Chambers as early as possible.  Pending availability, applying by June 1 will highly increase your chances of securing a unit.

If you have just been admitted to Osgoode, you can apply to live in on-campus housing and Osgoode Chambers here.

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