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Chances?... (79%, 162)

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    • Some firms are replacing meals/receptions with 30 minute "coffee chats", either over the phone or video calls. For most large firms your second interview will not occur on the same day as your first. I know of at least one mid-size firm which has said they may invite candidates back for second interviews on the same day.
    • I appreciate you writing about your experience! I'm also glad you were able to overcome all the hurdles associated with having a foreign degree. As a recent LL.B. graduate that's currently going through the NCA process, your post definitely serves as an inspiration that it can be possible to find success in the Canadian legal market regardless of your legal education background. I do have a number of questions that I would be curious to hear your unique input on.  I am curious to know if you have any advice on how recent graduates with no undergraduate background can differentiate themselves in the articling market? Also, having practiced in a few firms and having started your own solo practice, what markets/areas of the law do you think foreign graduates should target in order to have the best opportunity to gain employment/articling in?  Finally, I'm curious to hear what your NCA equivalency experience was like. I understand that at one point Bond did not have NCA requirements. Did you have to do equivalency exams at all?  Thanks for sharing your experience! 
    • An essential part of 1L is arguing about pointless things 
    • Has anyone who is still completing their undergrad heard back yet? I am wondering about people who’s file wasn’t complete until January! 
    • I was going to leave this being the first to just leave a "confused" rating because I didn't feel it warranted anything more than that, but since you've doubled down and this thread has devolved to the point where I can't derail it any more than it already has been... The idea that "elite" undergraduate programs and internships are full of disadvantaged students and community colleges are full of privileged rich kids who take fluff courses and don't have to work is just bizarre, even to the point of standing out for that quality in a thread full of people making weird claims. That's why it comes across as sour grapes. There's a legitimate argument to be made about the relative difficulty of different undergraduate programs and the "fairness" of treating them equally in law school admissions. Lord knows it's been hashed out over and over here (and frankly that's largely what the LSAT is for). But this is the worst argument on the subject I've seen yet.

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