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1L Toronto recruitment

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How soon after application deadline (Feb 5 5pm) do firms begin sending out ITCs/PFOs?

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    • What even is a "good" lawyer? How can we deliberate over if "good" lawyers are born or made, if even within legal academia, the model of what a "good " lawyer is, is still actively being explored and contested. The answer truly depends on who you ask. 
    • Yeah, North America in 2021, what an awful place to be. Get some perspective for fuck’s sake. You remind me of the guys that work in construction and think safety should be treated as an afterthought. Have you ever considered  why you have the ability to express yourself so freely whereas elsewhere you wouldn’t? 
    • I don't know why I'm continuing to engage, but fuck it.  You were mocked (correctly) for making some very strange claims about genetics. I understand why you would take issue with that. No one likes to be mocked. But are non-lawyers being mocked here? I don't think so. I think it's just an objective assessment that lawyers do tend to have the qualities normally associated with intelligence.  I think that many lawyers are more intelligent than the average person. But that's not a value judgment. The particular kind of intelligence needed for law is valuable for practicing law effectively. But outside of being useful for practice, I accord it very little weight. I like and admire many people who aren't especially good communicators, and probably don't have the attention to detail for law. I know many lawyers who are very smart and excellent at lawyering, but who I do not particularly like or admire. Intelligence is just one thing. There are other qualities that are far more important. I care far more about a person's compassion, sense of humour, and self-awareness than whether they can write a persuasive brief. So when I say that law isn't a good fit for most, I don't mean it as smug or an insult. I just mean that law isn't a good fit for everyone. 
    • yo man relax. who hurt u? You might think we're insulting you, but your manner of speaking is very condescending. The fact that you posted and deleted comments (twice!) suggests that you know this, so stop pretending like everyone is 'taking a dump' on you. On topic: there's smart and not-so-smart people in every profession. In the case of law, medicine or PhD-level scientific academia, the floor is likely higher since you had to jump through some hoops to get there that are somewhat reliable indices of some intellectual capacity. Maybe everyone could theoretically be trained as a lawyer or doctor, but you'd probably have some pretty bad ones by the end.
    • You got there pretty early, then. I needed to collect a few STEM degrees and see how many of my peers ended up getting jobs where all they did was mix buffers and run assays that come in a box that are closer to following a basic recipe than developing an mRNA based vaccine. Fortunately, the inherent superiority of their biochem degrees and the fact that they had to learn electrochem material that they probably haven't thought about since halfway through undergrad continue to provide solace.

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