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Good luck!

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Just wanted to wish anyone sitting for the flex today good luck! I am writing at 11:30, can't wait for it to be over. Remember to keep a steady and consistent pace - don't rush through the questions just because it's test day. 😊 We got this!!!

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    • So, I have my Ontario Barrister exam on 6th of March. Due to some mental health issues and other reasons, I wasn't really able to prepare well for it. While I am well versed in the Civil Litigation and PR part, rest all I have only been able to do a reading (barely remember anything but the main headings). In fact, I still have half of Criminal and Family left. I have been hearing people studying for months and doing repeated exams. I have also heard about people barely studying and still passing. I was thinking of simply taking a try because I have heard the rumour that March sitting has a higher passing rate but it can be just that, a rumor. Should I just let the exam be ? (LSO said I can get a late deferral and still get some money back).  Or I just give it a try ? Thanks.    
    • Section 10 of the Workers Compensation Act gives WCAT the exclusive jurisdiction to determine whether an injury arise in the course of employment. That's distinguishable from giving a tribunal the vetting power to allow or not allow a case to go the the superior courts on the basis of the quantum of the case. in other words, the CRT would decide that a case could be worth a million dollars or $10 which would squarely put the CRT jurisdiction in the realm of superior court exclusive jurisdiction for major quantum awards. In this way, the CRT was blocking access to the S 96 courts. Also, Section 10 of the WCA does not discriminate on the basis of injury or disability. There is no provision where if you have brain injury, you go to WCAT but if you have a broken bone you have full rights to go to Supreme Court. That's the process for the post April 2019 ICBC/CRT system in BC at least before yesterday. 
    • System outage at 12-1
    • I've heard it happens every evening sometime between midnight and 1am, or thereabouts.
    • Time for an expectations adjustment. 

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