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2L Winter (2021) Toronto Recruit PFOs/ITCs

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19 minutes ago, HornOkPlease said:

Do the full-service firms interview candidates on all three days? Like if they interview me on Tuesday and then don't call me on Wednesday, is it game over? 

P.S. - New to this country and to the process. 

Depends on the firm. Some firms only do one interview and you can get a job on Tuesday with that one interview. 

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    • No. What I’m saying is that based on rational choice theory, the decision to not expend time and money studying for the LSAT/submitting applications in hopes of a 2.8% chance of admission isn’t as “asinine” as you make it seem. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.    Sure, some schools have lower admit stats. You’d have to ask my friend why he didn’t consider those schools, but my friend’s story is only a anecdote to the overarching core argument that I made earlier about program difficulty.    Bro 😉    
    • Yeah I saw that email from U of A, and UBC one of my reference letters wasn’t submitted until January so my application still wasn’t complete until close to the deadline. Just super nervous.
    • No problem. I hope you can find an articling position in your local area, but I would suggest casting a wider net and include other parts of the GTA as well. 
    • I'm completing my last year of undergrad now. I think my file wouldn't have been complete until January when I sent my fall marks in... UBC doesn't care about the final year, but so far in terms of schools that do require fall grades, I've gotten into/heard back from TRU, UNB, Windsor, (and Lakehead but that was in December before I sent in grades). And echoing pmtfuturelawyer, yeah AB said they're planning for March 16th.
    • I'm not completing undergrad right now but u of a recently sent an email saying they would be reviewing Indigenous applications March 9th I believe and hopefully having decisions being sent out for March 16th... 

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