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Cold Emailing - proper way to do it?

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Best way to Cold-Email during this pandemic?  I am in the process of looking for articles and am a bit stuck on the most effective way to go about cold-emailing.  

Should I first send in my application, or approach a lawyer at the firm and try to learn more about the firm before I send my application documents?  Also should I try and call the firm first before I send in my application documents?  A bit of guidance from anyone who has had success in their job hunt with cold emailing / calling would be so appreciated!

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I had success calling first and then emailing in.  I probably also annoyed a few lawyers by calling first. At the end of the day you will be sending out a bunch of emails and getting few responses.

I cold applied to roughly 50 firms, got 3 interviews and 1 offer. It's really a numbers game at this point. Make use of the career office at your school and you should find something.

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Cold-emailing can definitely work if you do it right. I was looking for a job in a different city during my first year of call, and I cold-emailed two lawyers at big national/international firms and were offered jobs at both. 

I think the trick is that you have to genuinely be interested in the lawyer's area of practice or firm you are cold-emailing. Your email should be both personal to you and personalized to them. Otherwise I think it doesn't work and people's bullshit-meters go off.

What I would do is not send an application at first, but email a partner at the firm and express interest in their practice area(s) or the firm. Introduce yourself as a student looking for articles, and ask them some questions about their firm and practice areas. Show interest and try to rationally connect their individual firm with your desire to article for them. It's a lot more work than merely spamming a bunch of firms with your application, but I think it has a higher chance of success?

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Agree with SS624. 

Cold e-mailing works (I did it back when I was a law student to get my first legal position) but only if you come across as personal and interested in what the lawyer or law firm does. If your cold e-mail looks like a cookie cutter e-mail that could be for anyone, it probably won't get a reply. 

I actually always attached my CV to cold e-mails to give the person a chance to "size me up" before deciding whether to respond. I find busier senior lawyers don't want to make time for something they don't really have time for. But if your e-mail shows you're genuinely interested and a glance at your CV shows you're competent, that might be enough to get them to e-mail you back. In my case, it resulted in the senior lawyer and I grabbing a coffee and then next thing I knew was in! 

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