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Will UVIC not accept me until I've completed my Jan LSAT?

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Self calculated index ~930, 3.77 GPA, 166 LSAT. My application and documents were received NOV30, but I've indicated I'm rewriting in January. My application has been "Application Under Review" since the very beginning, I'm wondering if it is because they are still waiting to see my January rewrite? 

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I'm just an applicant myself, so not an expert, and I'm not 100% sure on my answer. Take this with a grain of salt. From what I believe I've read on this forum previously it seems like they will wait for your new LSAT mark to come in before making a decision, just as they often wait for fall grades for fourth year applicants. Their website also says, "We begin evaluating an application when all of the supporting documentation has been received." (https://www.uvic.ca/law/admissions/jdadmissionfaqs/index.php). I'm assuming that an LSAT mark would be considered supporting documentation. If anyone else has more specific knowledge on this please supplement :) 

Edit: It seems like you have a great chance as it stands with those stats so I wouldn't worry too much!! If you're really stressed, I would email the admissions staff with your question. 

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    • I have similar stats (3.73, 166) and I am also waiting to hear from Osgoode and McGill. Getting super anxious, but I think all we can do is wait and try not to lose our minds. I'm also a mature student - I am not sure how that factors into the admission decision. Hang in there! 
    • This is why articling is such a disaster. $650/week is low. Yes, it is better than no articling job, or an unpaid one, but do we really think a civil litigation firm in Toronto with 16 lawyers can't afford to pay an articling student a living wage?  On the one hand, these are trying times for businesses and I suppose that just because a firm has more than a dozen lawyers doesn't mean it's flush with cash to hire a student. On the other hand, come on. If you can't afford to pay a student a living wage, don't hire one. I wish I had better advice for you. I would say if you have other options, explore them. If not, get through articling and look for greener pastures once you become a lawyer. 
    • D'accord merci d'avoir clarifié. Du coup, s'agit-il simplement de faire 28,5 X 0,6 + 26,5 X 0,4 = 27,7?  27,7 > 25,05    
    • A lot of articles out there are unpaid. There's more to exploitative than the pay.  I raise my brow at there being 16 lawyers in the firm in Toronto, but regardless, the articling market is tough right now. If there's good mentorship and it's good experience, and if you can afford it, it's not bad. Not sure about negotiating. But if the offer has been made, it might not be the worst thing to see if there's any room at all. Just based on rent, etc. But don't negotiate from an expectation. That would turn people off.
    • Thanks so much! Currently in my undergrad, I'm so eager to get over with the LSAT and be at law school already. I can just imagine the tremendous work in being taught the basic principles, rather then practically applying them. Which hopefully I get the experience in working hands on with the practice rather then being in the classroom majority of the time. Also could I ask what law school you did you go to?

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