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Chances? LSAT 159 CGPA 3.3 b2 3.1

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Im wondering if anyone can give me insight if its worth applying to Sask with my grades. The way they determine b2 lowers my GPA to a 3. 1 and I have an LSAT score of 159. No Sask connection 

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    • Echoing what everyone has said so far. A master's degree is definitely not necessary for law school, but could be very beneficial. For example, for the 1L IP Recruit - Intellectual Property firms look favourably upon candidates with master's degree in STEM. I went straight to law school from undergrad, and I don't feel like I'm at a huge disadvantage or anything. I would just add that you can also pursue a joint JD/Master's degree program.
    • I think it has to do with timing (call day was literally yesterday and I’m sure wounds are still fresh) and just being a good sport. Of course ppl should be happy and proud of their accomplishments, but to openly brag about winning something so sought after, so soon after the recruit, is a bit much. And yes everyone will land a job eventually, but having empathy for others and taking other ppl’s feelings into consideration can go a long way  
    • Having a Master's has helped me in some, albeit limited, ways in law school: It provided me with a solid skill set with regard to research methodologies, writing, and the ability to read lots. Arguably it's paid off in my Legal Research course which was my highest mark this semester. The Fall assignment was essentially a research paper that, aside from the knowledge of legal sources, I was quite comfortable in performing. It's also helped me in adding an associated set of experiences (writing a thesis, participating in co-ops, internships) that employers have really looked fondly upon in law school. I was given a competitive first year RA position arguably because of my MA degree, and I recently got a 1L government interview ostensibly because of what my MA contributed to my CV.  So I will say having a Master's certainly isn't necessary for admission to law school or doing well in law school, but it can provide some really positive opportunities for you in the right circumstances. I will say that in my case there are other contributing causal factors (age being one) but I wouldn't doubt that my MA definitely had something to do with a lot of the opportunities I've had so far, which I'm very grateful for.
    • @KhalilMack I'm not aware of the SCC process. Can you explain what this draft process means? If I haven't heard anything, is it likely I won't be selected? 

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