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In case you are doing the 2L recruit and feel down about your 2L first semester grades, you’re not alone

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if there’s anyone out there feeling down too, you’re not alone. Others and I are feeling so down too.

if you’re scared about what others might think of you if you don’t get a job, you’re not alone. Others and I feel the same.

we’re in a weird environment (ie the law school environment) where we’re told it’s the end of the world if you don’t get a job in the 2L recruit. try not to worry - it’s not the end of the world.

keep going and try to keep your spirits up so that you put the best application together that you can.

all the best & god bless 

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    • And you guys have semesters to break the year up! I've been slogging through the same crap day after day since last March.
    • It seems like we are all suffering, which is comforting to hear (though a little sad too).  Except you bastards who are all done for the semester. I am very envious. @TobyFlenderson today I plan on treating myself to some studying with breaks, rather than just breaks, per your suggestion 😅 @Jaggers, I think you're right, the monotony of zoom life just drains all motivation. I feel like I'm living the plot of Groundhog Day.
    • Lmao. This is why law students get a bad rep.
    • It's so true. I'm not in law school yet, but I've been working full-time and I didn't realize how vital going out for weekly beers with my friend who understands the shitty parts of our job was. That venting to someone that gets what you're going through is better for mental health than any therapist imo.  I assume that when I get to OP's point in my law student career we'll be back to some level of normalcy. I imagine i'll still feel how they're feeling but at least there might be a better support system around it. It's a shame you're having to do it without, and wish you strength crossing the finish line. 
    • I don't think it's appropriate to be questioning the validity of people's [email protected] has a long posting history on this site and certainly has demonstrated reasons to receive accommodations.

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