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TFI Deadline UdeM

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Hi! I was wondering, if I were applying to UdeM for Fall 2021 when would be the deadline to submit TFI marks?

I am panicking at the though of another hard lockdown (apparently being announced tomorrow) interfering with the TFI dates and am wondering if I will be stuck writing the TEF Express (which I head is much harder and results are sent automatically). Hopefully if TFI grades only need to be submitted a little later there might be time to write it once the COVID cases get better. 


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im not 100% sure at all but I read somewhere that as long as you submit the results 40 days before class registration its ok, however you risk them taking back your acceptance if you fall below the accepted score.

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    • I imagine recruiters skim resumes in a similar fashion to how one might skim a case brief before coming to class - I highly doubt they will notice something like that, and if they do, it certainly won't be a deciding factor. 😊
    • Yeah, that's the problem. Law schools admit more students than there are articling positions. Many firms get away with exploiting their students because you need to article (or do the LPP in Ontario, which is a whole other can of worms) to become a lawyer. I was one of those students who just sucked it up. It was an awful 10 months and I moved to greener pastures after. Do I think everyone else should just suck it up? No. I think there are better solutions out there and that the LSO can do better... but here we are.     
    • In 1L, most of your classes will be full year. In those classes, you'll have a midterm in December and a final in April, usually worth 30/70 of your grade. There are two exceptions. Exception #1 is LRWA, which is assignment based and taught by your small group prof. Exception #2 is either Ethics or Corporate, you get to choose which you take in second semester (whichever you don't, you take in first semester of 2L) and that's just a half-year class so one final exam at the end worth 100%. There are optional assignments in Corp/Ethics that can reduce the weight of the final exam if you opt in to them, but I seem to recall last year both profs saying that nobody had exercised that option in a very long time.  In your upper year classes, evaluation varies. I had classes in the fall that were 100% exam (with optional assignments to reduce that weight), others with small participation elements, and others that were entirely paper based. It depends on the course and the prof.
    • i'm a mature re-applicant with similar stats as well mature candidates tend to get interviewed which means later rounds of admission, not always the case though we're still fairly early in the process, so a lack of response is normal    
    • Yes I am. I completed my first BA in June of 2020. I am now just finishing up my last class for my second BA. 

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