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Chances? 2.95 CGPA 3.0 B3 166 LSAT

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Yes. trash bag GPA. I had extenuating circumstances during my undergrad that I explained led to my low grades and I have the medical reports and everything for them so they're properly backed up. I also have strong ECs even with the circumstances. I know they don't consider GPA for post grad in CGPA but I did complete a paralegal program with a 3.7 after undergrad so hoping they'll consider that in their overall assessment since they're more holistic.

I know it's so late for a "chance me" post but i'm freaking out regardless so may as well lol.

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Purely using last year's Accepted Thread, someone with your LSAT score and a slightly higher gpa (3.1) got in around April. 

Most people who got in later from a quick glance seem to have higher GPA but lower LSAT scores. As someone in your boat, I'm a bit nervous since Windsor is a bit of a black box, but at least it has happened before, right?

But the reason why people are always hesitant to say anything about Windsor is when you look at the Rejected Thread:

There are people with similar on paper stats to some who got accepted, so it's honestly too hard to say. Honestly it's out of our hands now especially with a potentially more competitive application cycle. We've done what we can!


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