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Admission automne 2021 UQAM

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Bonsoir, est-ce trop tard en tant qu’étudiante universitaire de mettre ma demande au BAC en droit pour l’automne 2021 ? Est-ce que j’ai le temps d’attendre la rentrée de mes résultats de cette session d’automne 2020 sur le Portail  OU je suis mieux de la faire tout de suite ?

(Je suis en train de compléter mon BAC et j’ai pour l’instant une GPA de 3,78 et 51 crédits (sans les résultats de cette session-ci) 

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Je pense que s'est une mauvaise idée de faire ta demande sans prendre en considération tes notes de cette session. Il pourrait rendre ta demande non valide, car elle ne représente pas ta cote z actuelle, si elle descend. Dans le cas, inverse si elle monte tu augmente tes chances d'être acceptée. 

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    • Thanks, Shankar, for the reassurance and quick response (and yep, it was Corporate with Nicholls). I'm definitely missing the in-person post-exam experience, so it's hard to gauge how other people might have done. There were a few questions I didn't even get to because I thought it'd be better to answer other questions quickly rather than try to dig for the provision he's looking for. 
    • I can't imagine it being that easy. I imagine a fair number of students would be eager to slash their tuition by transferring. 
    • Considering you're taking Corporate in 1L, I'm just assuming you go to Western.  If not, disregard everything I say.  Nicholls' exams are all long and hardly anyone finishes them.  It's true of Corporate, Securities, and probably anything else he teaches.  He's a phenomenal professor in every sense, but his exams are very long.   So yeah, don't worry about it.  Every year everyone comes out of that exam worried that they bombed it because there wasn't enough time to finish, but that's where the curve comes in.   I don't remember how much of the exam I actually completed, but it definitely wasn't near the whole thing (eg: my "essay" was a couple sentences long) and I did fine.  Take a breath, you'll very likely be fine.  You'd probably feel better if you were able to see that everyone else had the same experience as you, but that's just how it is this year.  
    • This isn't how it works when grading on a curve. Relax and wait to get your mark back for now, once you receive it you can go from there. Often times if an exam seems incredibly difficult or crunched for time for you, it's likely that was the case for many other students who wrote it alongside you.
    • I know this isn't a new subject, but I need to get it off my chest. I just took my first 100% 1L exam (Corporate law) - looking purely at questions I was able to finish in time, my best possible mark is 67%, and my more realistic mark could be 60% or below. I recognize the curve might push that one way or the other, but I'm honestly just at a loss of what happens next. Has anyone else had this experience? Is it ever possible to redo a course? How did you recover (academically/mentally) from this? And just realistically, what impact does this have on the job-search for 2L/articling. Is this kind of mark (maybe a D?) something you can get over? 

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