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Chances? B2: 3.5 153 first LSAT ( jan rewrite)

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Weak numbers I know, however I think I have strong EC's and LOR. Full time work experience at a crown corp in finance, LOR from director of legal innovation zone ( from Ryerson), work experience from there as well, as well as LOR from an Osgoode / Ryerson professor. Worked in a refugee camp in northern Iraq and a first time (I hope) graduate student from my family. From my understanding I feel like id fit right in at Ryerson..

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Looking at the last couple pages of this, does seem like some people got in with a worse LSAT and similar GPA. So maybe you'll hear back really late in the cycle? That said this is a bit of an exceptional year in terms of how many applicants there are. So if those people were hearing super late in the cycle they may have been more borderline, and the edge cases may get edged out this year. Maybe I'm talking out of my ass and we need more data, but even accounting for some of the additional applicants being duds there's still way more applications this year than usual. 


Good luck.

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    • Je suis allée voir pour l'année passée, c'est allé jusqu'au 12 mai les acceptations et par lui suite ils ont sorti la liste d'attente la journée même. Je crois qu'on en a encore pour un bout. C'est lourd haha. Mais bon l'année passé il y a eu le lockdown et tout et j'imagine qu'ils ont prit du retard,  je ne crois pas que ca va aller jusque là cette année. Mais honnêtement j'en ai vraiment marre d'aller voir mon centre étudiant tous les jours. J'ai tellement hâte de savoir j'ai des arrangements à faire (loyer, nouvel appart, nouvelle ville etc).  Courage on en a surement pour moins d'un mois d'attente ! 
    • It seems like the offers that were made on the 15th came from the general category. Pure speculation- but maybe the access committee hasn't sat down for an assessment session since the April 1st deadline? Hoping there's movement for access applicants soon  
    • What score did you end up with? if you don't mind me asking. And was that it? just the seven weeks? 
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