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Chances? B2: 3.5 153 first LSAT ( jan rewrite)

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Weak numbers I know, however I think I have strong EC's and LOR. Full time work experience at a crown corp in finance, LOR from director of legal innovation zone ( from Ryerson), work experience from there as well, as well as LOR from an Osgoode / Ryerson professor. Worked in a refugee camp in northern Iraq and a first time (I hope) graduate student from my family. From my understanding I feel like id fit right in at Ryerson..

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Looking at the last couple pages of this, does seem like some people got in with a worse LSAT and similar GPA. So maybe you'll hear back really late in the cycle? That said this is a bit of an exceptional year in terms of how many applicants there are. So if those people were hearing super late in the cycle they may have been more borderline, and the edge cases may get edged out this year. Maybe I'm talking out of my ass and we need more data, but even accounting for some of the additional applicants being duds there's still way more applications this year than usual. 


Good luck.

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    • I'm still waiting too! Last updated 11/20.  My stats are: CGPA 3.28, L2 3.65, LSAT 153, 160. My ECs I assume are really good and my PS was oriented around Ottawa. I have no clue what my chances are:(
    • Dans ton centre étudiant, dans la section finance (sommaire du compte).
    • Salut, est-ce que quelqu'un sait comment faire pour voir le 300$ s'il-vous-plait ?  C'est ou que je dois aller regarde pour le voir?
    • Personally I was horrible at LG but managed to reach -1/0 when I started intentionally drilling the hardest LGs in LSAT history (I just searched up "7sage logic games explanation" and would track down all the games that were marked as 4 stars). I would initially do the game untimed (of course noting however long it took me). After my initial attempt, I would then check my score and then watch a 7sage video on the game to see how they did it more efficiently/accurately. I would then go back to the game and redo it until I finished it in under whatever recommended time 7sage says. I would note the game, and then redo it the next morning once more to have the patterns reinforced. LG is essentially just a matter of repetition, but honest repetition (by that I mean it should be done with the intent to improve your efficiency in making a clear diagram and looking for must be true inferences)! The more you do LG, the more comfortable you get with making quick inferences - which in turn translates to faster LG sections.
    • Thanks for being so honest. I was thinking that I could manage 1L being online (well, that's what I tell myself), but I really am hoping for an in person 2L experience. I want to be able to moot and make the most of this experience. 

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