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When do I send in my transcript?

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Hi everyone, 

I think I messed up a bit while completing my application and did not upload an official or unofficial transcript. I found this on the application page but was a little confused:

If you did NOT upload your unofficial transcripts or other required documents to your application prior to submitting, please ensure you email them to [email protected] or mail to the address listed below, as we require them to complete your application. If you have courses currently in progress for the fall semester (September to December), please submit your unofficial transcript once ALL of your fall final grades are available. Official transcripts will be required upon acceptance of an offer of admission to UVic Law.

I am currently in my final semester of undergrad. I wasn't sure if this email was saying that I should:

1. Send an unofficial transcript from the beginning of my undergrad to September 2020 and then submit an updated one in Jan. 


2. Wait until I get my completed Jan transcript to upload. 

I submitted my application on the deadline so I'm not expecting to get an early acceptance anyway. I just wanted to make sure when I need to get my transcript in. Considering the deadline is January 15, I'm a little worried my university won't have the fall transcripts updated by that time. 

Thank you to anyone who can help! 


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I think that it’s up to you, I sent mine in without my fall grades and will send an updated one once I receive my fall grades! 

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