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Please Help! Chances (3.79, 163)

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OLSAS converted 3.79 B3, L2 3.87, + 163LSAT. What are my realistic chances? I applied to Oz, Queens, Western, U of T.

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I think the cGPA may impact your chances at Osgoode as it is a cGPA school versus Queen's and Western, which are B2 and L2, respectively. I'm not sure to what extent the upward trend will mitigate a lower cGPA. 

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    • I'm starting this topic for students who have been admitted to the GPLLM programme. Hope to get to know some of you before the start of the semester! 
    • I've got similar stats but have zero clue either, but good luck, I'm rooting for you! Will follow thread in case anyone can help chance us 
    • You could totally see it as a crappy way to find out that your chances might not be in your favour. I'm more of the foolish optimist that would take it as a helpful early sign for you to realign your hopes for the U of A. I totally agree that you should check the previously admitted scores and see where you are and gauge accordingly. Waiting anxiously is really exhausting, especially when you don't know when you're going to hear back. Good on you for applying broadly, so many universities are sending out their offers later in the year. It's literally out of your hands and because we can't control it, it can bring on this helpless feeling. I went through a rejection year and while I was worried waiting, I went ahead and slowly planned for each outcome. I was graduating during COVID so I remade my resume, took a public speaking course, made a list of all the shows I was going to binge, reflected whether my current volunteer and work was relevant in law, etc. Then I got rejected, shamelessly gave myself time to ball my eyes out and then started on with my plan. It really helped knowing there was something I was ready to do right after being rejected. Really put me in perspective and when I applied this year, you bet I did the same thing. Not saying that this will happen, of course, I hope you kick ass under the holistic section! Just thought it might be worth to share as it definitely helped me be more calm during these uneasy times.      
    • My friend just wrote her LSAT in January and received an offer second week of February so they're definitely still accepting
    • Accepted this morning via email to the Dual JD program! cGPA: 3.65 LSAT: 157 (Jan) 2 BAs, did a summer abroad, lots of ECs with minority groups, community development, some social work-related employment experience  As a note to some of you lurkers anxiously checking these pages every morning (AKA me) please don't worry! Those emails you're waiting for will show up in your inbox one way or another, so take a deep breath, drink some water, have a snack even. You got this. 

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