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Accepted 2021


As we have done in previous cycles, we ask that you keep Accepted threads clear of extraneous discussion.

Please list your cgpa, L2, B3, index score, etc.,  LSAT score, and how you were notified.  Please keep questions to asking about these particular details if they are not found in the post itself. Other posts will be deleted so as to keep these threads useful and easy to navigate.

Thank you and good luck to all!


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This where acceptances should be posted for the 2021 cycle. Send me a PM when you get an acceptance and the thread will be unlocked so you can post!

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    • @ghoogle @Ewith017 Congratulations to both of you! I am beyond excited for you guys! I wrote the January LSAT so I am still waiting on my score to finalize my application. I took a huge chance this year but really want to get into the program, so will apply for future cycles if it does not work out this time. If you guys are comfortable, could you let me know what GPA and LSAT score you were accepted with + how you think you did on the other application components.   
    • just thought it might be helpful to have a thread started since UofC/UofA invites are going out today! what firms have people heard from?
    • Agree with artsydork.  Yield protection is not a thing at Canadian law schools. To speculate that that is a reason for someone not being admitted is not only silly and unhelpful, it's not factual. 
    • I actually JUST emailed Wanda about this, I'll let you know what she says! (I applied both regular and special circumstances, but only because I'm 31, and I feel like that's reflected in my resume and PS and doesn't require any additional documentation haha) EDIT: She wrote back and said don't worry about it

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