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159 LSAT and 4.0+ GPA

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I wouldn’t stake my life on my drops math but I think I have a 4.1 or 4.2 once my worst classes are gone, 4.0 flat without drops. Applied Sept 4th. What do y’all think the odds are?

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    • JY from 7Sage makes the argument that, if the LSAT is important to you, you will do this. He is aware his schedule is more demanding than other study programs. If you cannot do a 34 hour per week study schedule, he would probably suggest taking more months to complete the program. Waiting until next summer to write the LSAT is not out of the question from this point of view, not is waiting until the summer of 2023! I, myself, am in your shoes. I agree with JY in theory, but in reality, I skimped massively on my study time. I am now waiting to get accepted to a law school with an LSAT below 160. I believe I would have a higher LSAT is I had done what JY told me, but I could not get the time off work. 
    • Yes? You're supposed to. If you're from out of province just have your school send it to OLSAS. If you're from ON then I think there's a way you request via OLSAS itself
    • Hello,  I was recently admitted to law school for Fall 2021. I am curious about what law students do in the summers between semesters. Is it typical or expected that you find an internship after your first year? Are there any organizations or businesses in BC or Alberta that regularly offer summer internships or work opportunities for current law students? Is there anything I can do in the months between now and when classes start to improve my chances of getting law related summer work? Thank you for the advice. 
    • My university just made our Fall 2020 grades "official". Is there a way to send them to Ontario schools so they can factor into GPA calculations? Thanks. 
    • I got the email this week!! I was so shocked. I feel like I just submitted the application.  L2: 3.6 LSAT:162, 84th percentile BA, MPP, good work experience, strong ECs and very multicultural background. Multilingual and tons of experience living abroad.

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