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To convert your gpa, you have to convert every individual grade from your transcript into a gpa calculator using the 4.3 scale. My cgpa is almost exactly the same using the 4.3 scale as it is using the 4.0, so no, this is not an accurate table in every case.  

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    • Hi-dilly ho nieghbourinos I'm just wondering if anyone else has applied/been admitted after taking a bridge program. After transferring my college credits, I finished my degree having only taken twenty-two courses. Accordingly, I only have one year on my transcript with a full course-load (five half-year course per semester) while the other two years I took three half-year courses per semester (thought it was a good idea to do it this way at the time as my institution classifies three course per semester as a full course load). Assuming that most Ontario law schools will be classifying two of my undergrad years as part-time and that they may look at transferring college credits negatively, I'm wondering just how badly this will affect my application. I'm kind of debating on whether it would be worthwhile to do a Masters. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you so much  
    • Accepted Jan 19 CGPA: 3.77, B2 and L2 are also 3.77 LSAT: 157, 161 Did not fill out part B
    • In a smaller town family law can be a decent access point, over time, for solicitor work. Your clients who are separating/divorcing will need new wills, they will often need someone to handle their refinance and real estate transfer with ex-spouse, etc. 
    • Accepted Jan 18 but got the email this morning! CGPA: 3.80 LSAT: 160 Filled out Part B In queue Dec 14

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