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Shocked by my low LSAT score - need advice

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Hi all, I applied to my preferred law school last year and was waitlisted. I decided to do the LSAT again this November 2020. I studied for 3 months and was consistently scoring in the low 160s (enough for me to get into my preferred school), but was shocked to have received a MUCH lower score (low 150s) because nothing went wrong on testing day! 

I was so confident that I would get in the low 160s that I had already submitted my application to my preferred law school. 

Any advice on what do next? Should I retake the LSAT? This makes me think that am one of those people who cannot do standardized tests. 

I did the LSAT a total of 4 times scoring in the low 150s (the first time I was young and it was basically my diagnostic score)


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Normally I would say yes, retake, but considering that you said that you’ve already taken it four times (unless I misinterpreted it and some of those were PTs), that gives me pause - you’re only allowed to take the LSAT (I believe) 6 or 7 times in your life, and those times need to be spread out over the course of a few years because there’s a limit on how many you can take in the course of a few years. 

Now I’m wondering, is it worth it to retake when you’ve only got two or three chances left when you could a) be better off just writing off this cycle and studying regularly for the next year (perhaps with a tutor) and write again when you’ve become more consistent and reliable in your scoring, or b) applying to schools with lower admissions thresholds or more holistic approaches? 

I doubt that you retaking in January will give you the time you need to re-evaluate and change your test taking strategies to warrant wasting one of your test writes. 

I’d look into your options to re-evaluate your test day issues to see if they can be fixed, any changes to your studying approach as well as any other schools that may take you without you having to write again. 

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Hey man, it's not really about how long you study, but how you study. What was your score spread like? What were you having trouble with? Do you finish all the sections? NavyBlue is definitely right. You don't have many chances left, so before jumping into a retake it's important to figure out what's going on to make your expectations and results so different. 

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