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Good Books Before Law School

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20 hours ago, Amorfati1 said:

Crime and punishment :)

Reading this in itself is a punishment.

Check out Just Mercy if you haven't already - and no, the movie didn't do it justice. 

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    • I had the opposite experience. I hated that people started talking about the exam the moment it ended. It gave me anxiety when I heard people talking about radically different answers from mine. It was kind of a relief not to have to deal with it during the pandemic. OP: I agree with the others. You might be surprised by your grade even if you’re feeling terrible about it now. It’s the nature of law school exams and it doesn’t really go away in upper years. Try to take your mind off of it and focus on the next one.
    • Logging out of your exam and staring at a blank screen in your room is a terrible feeling. In the before times, it was always nice to get done a hard exam and then look around to see the shocked looks on classmates faces. I guarantee that would have happened if your exam was in person. Don't sweat it. Ive been pleasantly surprised every time I thought I bombed an exam. 
    • Les notes sont courbées à UdeM en droit de sorte à ce que les chances que t'ailles 4/4.3 sont vraiment minimes. Par contre, le bac en droit est un bac considéré fort en termes de CRU donc c'est facile d'être admis/convoqué en entrevue avec beaucoup moins que 4/4.3. Juste pour te donner une idée, Droit à ulaval donne facilement plus que 31 de CRU(le minimum pour être considéré en médecine) si tu maintiens 3.55-3.7/4.3.
    • Thanks, Shankar, for the reassurance and quick response (and yep, it was Corporate with Nicholls). I'm definitely missing the in-person post-exam experience, so it's hard to gauge how other people might have done. There were a few questions I didn't even get to because I thought it'd be better to answer other questions quickly rather than try to dig for the provision he's looking for. 
    • I can't imagine it being that easy. I imagine a fair number of students would be eager to slash their tuition by transferring. 

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