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Problem with the Lawstudents.ca account

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I'm having a problem with this account where, everytime I log in even though the password is correct it makes me change my password, at this point I've had to change it over 10-15 times, and I think it is eventually gonna stop me from logging in at all. Does anyone know why that might be happening or what I could do ? Is anyone else also getting the same problem ?

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    • Je crois qu'ils vont commencer à envoyer des offres bientôt. J'ai eu une convocation à la rédaction (Évaluation de français écrit, comme étudient anglophone) et dans le mail ils ont écrit "Cette convocation s'adresse aux candidats en voie d'être formellement admis à au moins un programme. Elle ne constitue pas un avis d'admission." Vue que j'ai fait une demande d'admission pour un seul programme, j'imagine que sa vas dire qu'ils ont commencé à prendre des décisions sur les dossiers déjà complets.     Par-contre mon dossier est toujours "a l'étude" dans mon compte étudient. 
    • Bonjour! J'ai également appliqué en novembre pour l'automne 2021! ☺️ En regardant les forums des années précédentes, les premières réponses semblent être envoyées à la mi/fin-février. 
    • That's what extensions are for! I adjourned hearings, got extensions on written submissions and, like Douglas Adams said, listened to the whoooooshing sound that deadlines made as they flew by. We had our 2 year old home while daycare was closed from mid-March to August. My spouse is a health care professional and she still had a full client-load seeing them over video. Our compromise was that she had to give up Monday so she could be full-time toddler duty Saturday-Monday. The rest of the week, she worked 9-5 doing video sessions and I was on toddler duty. I would work evenings and weekends just to keep up. I only managed (to keep up with work) because I would put in 15 hour days Saturday-Monday and then got in 4-5 hours on days I was on toddler duty after she went to bed. It was an awful grind. It feels like we may be trending back in that direction with cases going up and I don't know how we could manage like that again. It feels harder now - at least when EVERYTHING was closed, opposing counsel, the courts, tribunals, etc. could relate because their kids were home too. Our toddler is back in daycare but we are debating pulling her out with cases on the rise. However, we both feel that people are less understanding now (in terms of extension requests or rescheduling client sessions for her) because it would be our choice to keep her home and they may not relate.  
    • What is the significance of having the undergrad completed at Ryerson?
    • UofT, Queens, Western, and maybe some other non-Ontario schools all started Fall 2020 in person with masks on. I don't see why this model wouldn't also be used once a decent portion of the population has been vaccinated. 

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