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Chances? 3.7 GPA, 165 LSAT

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My GPA was consistent across all four years so L2 and B3 does not change the 3.7. I have 5 yrs professional work experience and a CPA designation which I believe will elevate my application with UofT. Still, I did worse on the LSAT than I had hoped so I am wondering if I still do have a shot. Thoughts?

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    • Did anything else change status wise 
    • Did anything else change status wise? 
    • UPDATE: Checked today and the "Preliminary Statement of Marks" is now marked as "received"!
    • It's pretty difficult for anyone to speculate on Access applications just due to the nature of Access applications. Your stats could either be "meh" or "incredible" depending on the basis of your Access application - and you really shouldn't disclose those reasons on an internet forum. When it comes to ECs, as mentioned elsewhere in this forum, what is considered quite impressive by most standards often turns out to be fairly average when compared to the accomplishments of the average law student. Having been published twice is awesome, but might not necessarily stand out when tossed in a pile with a bunch of other awesome achievements from hundreds of other applicants. It would probably depend on the prominence of the journals you were published in/whether they were peer reviewed/etc. Again, I don't mean to say this to discourage you but just to provide some realism: these experiences are great but extremely typical of a law school applicant.  Ultimately this means that you don't need to worry about your ECs being a detriment to your application - your ECs meet expectations for law students. But yeah, nobody can give any meaningful insight into your GPA/LSAT due to being in the Access category.
    • What was the experience like this year? From what I've read, I know classes were all online, at least in the fall, but did everything move online (i.e. SLA, clinics, moots, etc.)?

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