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Chance a splitter? OLSAS 3.3 GPA L2 3.64 LSAT 170

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So Osgoode is my dream school and I filled out the optional essay on performance considerations. I had a severe mental health episode in my 2nd year of uni (truthfully I should have taken a break from uni to recover) where I pretty much got bare passes in all my courses, those courses have permanently scarred my gpa.


I then switched programs half way through to English, a program I actually enjoyed(family pressure kept me from pursuing it/starting in it) and I began to see improvement and success. Currently, i'm finishing my MA in it.


I knew that getting a median LSAT score wasn't going to help my application as my extracurriculars and gpa aren't great. I guess i'm just asking because I know my field/major isn't one that is seen as where a low gpa would be acceptable (compared to sth like engineering or compsci) and I feel some genuine doubt that the assessors will take my application seriously. What do you guys think? I have applied to Western as well which I know is a school where my L2 grade will be considered more seriously. 


edit: i also applied last year if it means anything

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Hey there,

I had a 3.34/3.61/170 and I was accepted to Western, Queen's, UVic, Dalhousie, Ryerson, and UNB. Waitlisted at Oz, rejected from UofT, withdrew from consideration at Ottawa. I also had mental health issues and filled out Part B for Oz.

I would agree with Tennis that Oz and UofT are likely out of reach, but you'll have lots of other great options! Oz loves high CGPA and UofT seems to really want both high B3 and high LSAT. Neither school is very friendly to a high LSAT/low GPA splitter like I found Queen's/Western/UVic/UBC/Dalhousie to be.

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