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Does UofA law look at summer/spring courses?

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They count as part of your last 60 units. So they just keep going back, including spring and summer courses, until they have 60 units. If they end up in the middle of a term, they'll use all the classes from that term, so you might end up with a few more credits than 60.

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    • Lawyers in Alberta can apply to transfer their license to Ontario: https://lso.ca/lawyers/about-your-licence/manage-your-licence/lawyers-from-outside-ontario/permanent-transfer-under-the-nma-or-tma It would be easier if you articled in Ontario after graduating from U of A. You don't need to article in the province you get your law degree from.
    • For November 2020 LSAT test takers: LSAC advised us yesterday that the November reports will generate for schools over the next several days. Since our application deadline is early next week, we will be waiting until after the deadline to request November LSAT scores for both people who applied by November 1, and to request LSAT scores for people who applied after November 1 and reported their latest test date as November or earlier. If you have decided to rewrite in January and you did not indicate the January test in your application, please send an email to [email protected] ASAP so we can update that in our records. Transcripts Again, just a reminder that we are using unofficial transcripts for our assessments this year, which you must upload through your Student Centre. Alison tells me that she is receiving a lot of emails from people who have sent official transcripts. We do not want official transcripts unless we have specifically requested them by adding them to your To Do List because you have been admitted/waitlisted. We are working remotely and do not have regular access to the mail or the office scanner. Just like everyone else, we don't know what to expect over the coming year, so this new process has been put in place specifically so that the assessment timelines of your applications aren't negatively affected. Even under the best of circumstances, it would take a lot of time for us to scan and upload thousands of transcripts one-by-one. This is all for your benefit! To help ensure your application can be processed smoothly, please also take the time to verify that the documents you are uploading have all of the info required. Unofficial transcripts must show the same information that would be on an official transcript, including: your name; the institution name; the date it was printed/downloaded; grades; credits obtained; any transfer credits received; and confirmation of any academic credentials that have been granted, including the date conferred. If your school doesn't have a digital document available that includes all of that information, you can alternatively request that your school send you an official transcript, to upload through your Student Centre. Besides the usual 'current students providing transcripts too early' mistake we see every year, some common mistakes we are seeing with unofficial transcripts are screenshots of your school's Student Centre; and a Statement of Grades that has just grades, with absolutely no program information or degree conferral. Sometimes the Statement of Grades has a column on the chart that just says "BSC" or "BA," but this is also not enough program/degree information for us to be able to confirm your degree in our system to prep your application for assessment. Cheers! Malina
    • Gotta love how this is a subject that no actual law student or lawyer could possibly give a solitary fuck about.
    • Interesting, I guess I was concerned that if I go to school in Alberta and then potentially article in Alberta I would be locked in here. I'm expecting some hurdles to jump over but as long as its not a 60 ft brick wall I'm ok with that.
    • @canuckfanatic i would've never thought of that! thanks man. can i hit you up in the future for questions?

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