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Does UofA law look at summer/spring courses?

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They count as part of your last 60 units. So they just keep going back, including spring and summer courses, until they have 60 units. If they end up in the middle of a term, they'll use all the classes from that term, so you might end up with a few more credits than 60.

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    • @GrumpyMountie You're saying it's hard and rare for 1L students to get co-op jobs in the summer yet 2/3 of your 1L class are in the co-op program? How does that make any sense? Doesn't seem to be hard.
    • You can certainly maintain a practice in multiple areas of law, and many lawyers do. But in terms of having done one exclusively and then trying to move to another... depending on the fields of law you are coming from and going to, it can be either easy or more nuanced and complex.  For example, switching between civil litigation fields (commercial, estates, personal injury, family, insurance, bankruptcy and insolvency, etc) is done often and is very easy since the basic principles are the same. Switching from solicitor work to litigation or vice versa is more difficult because it's a different set of skills. Or, for example, from criminal law to any other area.  It also depends on how junior you are. The more junior you are the easier it is to transition. If you have been called to the bar for 5+ years though and have only ever done criminal law, it will certainly be harder to transition, but mostly in terms of finding a firm that will take you and train you in a new area. Then you'll have to spend a large amount of time re-learning the field and won't be as profitable. One person at my firm is a 10+ year call and recently made a switch from immigration law to commercial litigation. I think they are treating him like a 5 year call, so he's essentially had years of experience erased. It had a steep learning curve but he's doing it.  
    • Don't get me wrong I am also anticipating an acceptance and  refreshing my page over 15x a day, but at the same time I almost do want it to come yet! This has been a 1-3 year long process for many of us. Between undergrad, the LSAT, personal statements, extracurriculars and all other aspects that come with applying to law school it is insane to be so close to this full circle moment. I know that my initial reaction to my acceptance will be a very memorable moment in my life. I am so excited to feel the feelings associated with this accomplishment. Is it weird that I almost don't want it to come so it doesn't leave? I guess it's apart of life, especially as a lawyer since there is always something to anticipate next. It keeps things interesting. Just some random late night thoughts. But we should all be so proud! We are lucky enough to still be apart of the process so lets enjoy it and stay present (they say the journey is the best part!) 
    • That’s what I noticed too and I thought maybe I was doing something wrong lol since the other calculators such as Wes show a bigger difference lol 
    • I'm just glad that there is something to look forward to and get me out of bed every morning...

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