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Does UBC law look at your spring/summer courses?

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4 hours ago, PlatoandSocrates said:

I believe they look at all of your courses, save for the few lowest ones that they drop. It’s just your cgpa minus 6 or 12 or whatever credits. 

if i apply in 3rd yr, how many credits would they drop from cgpa?

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On 11/22/2020 at 12:03 AM, PlatoandSocrates said:

6 credits, which is two semester length courses. 

if i apply in 4th yr, then they would drop 12 instead of 6 correct?

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    • I don't know... he has the bedside manner of some surgeons I've met. The grandiosity as well.
    • To be honest, if McGill is your top choice, I would consider retaking for a 160s score. Your GPA is good, but not super competitive for them. I went to an admissions Zoom and they actually said the average LSAT for the 2020 incoming class was 165, I would guess due to more people accepting offers close to home because of Covid? Not sure. Their GPA average is pretty damn high. BUT, they also say they are holistic. I think it seems to be a bit of a crapshoot.  I'm also not sure if you know, but they don't take your highest score, they use an average.  I think you have a good shot at Ryerson, and probably Ottawa. Queen's would depend on your L2 I believe. 
    • The limit runs between May - June for one full year (3 test dates) and multi-year (5 test dates). Here's to hoping there is a fluke and I am offered admission. Do you think writing in January would hinder my application? As in, I should just wait out this cycle and see where it takes me? 
    • Thank you so much. This is super helpful. I've read all the McGill threads and feel like I'm right on the cusp (besides my LSAT) but hoping maybe their holistic review will make up for it. Thanks again!!
    • I'd say you have a reasonable shot at Ryerson. They take a holistic approach, so your LORs, volunteer work, and athletic activity would be beneficial. Also, your LSAT seems about average for last year's entering class. You might want to check on the maximum number of LSAT writes you are allowed. I can't remember it off the top of my head. But you wouldn't want to max it out before you were fully prepared to write it.

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