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Chances? CGPA3.3, B2 3.65, L153

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Please chance me (general app)! Coming from a full time honours Science undergrad. Low CGPA cause of my first two years, recovery my last two years. Taking the LSAT in January again, getting 165s on my practice tests so hopefully will get above a 160. Glowing recommendations.


- Worked in customer service all 4 years

- Varsity sport team last three years and captain

- Volunteered in research labs, and in clubs

- Paid management position in the research labs at the university during undergrad

- Other jobs, awards, and scholarships.


I know Queen's is a heavy GPA school, so I'm banking on my LSAT to at least bring up my application a little bit.

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I'm sure you are aware that you are well out of it with your current stats, which is why you are rewriting the LSAT. "Get[ting] above a 160" is pretty much the bare minimum you need to do to have a shot, given their median LSAT is 162 and even your "recover[ed]" B2 is below their median. So I'm not sure why you are "banking" on an LSAT at or barely above their median to "bring up [your] application a little bit"--that's simply a necessity.

ECs and recommendations are a really marginal consideration.

Good luck on the Jan LSAT.

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