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Asking this question more to satisfy my general curiosity than anything else. Understand that Lakehead does not accept upper year transfer students due to the nature of the IPC, but does the IPC also prevent Lakehead students from transferring to another school after 1L? 

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To answer your question, yes it is certainly possible to transfer after 1L, however I can't speak to any of the nuances of the process. I imagine it is similar to transfers between other Ontario law schools.

I think there were 4 people from my year who transferred to other Ontario schools for 2L. I also know that the year ahead of mine had a few transfers as well. Not sure about any other years though.

I don't know anything about how these students did it or any hurdles they encountered. Or if there was a certain GPA they needed to obtain in 1L or if they needed to do anything over the summer to facilitate the transfer. That would probably depend on the particular recipient law school.  I also don't know of anyone who tried to transfer but couldn't for some reason.

My impression is that this implies that our IPC curriculum is similar enough to other schools to allow for transfers and, at the very least, certainly does not prevent transfers!

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