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Access chances? 3.4 cGPA, 3.9 L2. LSAT *diagnostic* 160

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Both GPA's were calculated using the OLSAS table.

So basically my academic record is a bit erratic, but I will apply under access and think I can adequately explain everything. I also have neuropsychological assessments and other documentation.

I have not written the LSAT yet, but my diagnostic was 160 and I have improved considerably since then. I now typically average -1/0 on both logic games and logical reasoning sections, and am working to boost my reading comp up as well, so I anticipate that I will surpass 160 by a fair amount.

If the backstory is relevant to you:

I went from one program at one school out-of-province, to another program at a second school, to finally go back to my original program but at a third school in-province. I had been newly diagnosed with pretty severe ADHD and wasn't on the right type/dosage of medication or learning any relevant skills. This meant that I missed deadlines, couldn't read for more than a few minutes, procrastinated until literally an hour before something was due, etc. I had gotten by with great grades thus far because I was good at reasoning my way through things despite not actually knowing the material.

My grades at the first two schools were mostly good, but I had some erratic difficulty, including an F because I missed the withdraw deadline in an online course (trying to see if I can re-do the course to replace the grade). And also a class where the instructor incorrectly gave me a D+, but I'm trying to fix that as well. And finally, some B's and the odd C due to the ADHD.

Since going to the third school, I now deal with a doctor who specializes in adult ADHD and I have both sorted out my medication (after 4 years of trying!) and worked considerably hard to learn skills for ADHD. I also now get appropriate accommodations that I wasn't receiving at the first two schools. I am quite literally a new person now. I am consistently getting all A's and A+'s. The courses at the second school aren't transferrable so 3/4 of my degree will be completed at this school. 

I know it's complicated and mediocre at best, but I'm doing my absolute best to make a comeback from the first few years. 


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7 minutes ago, Luckycharm said:

Why didn't you write the LSAT earlier?

Whoops, I’m actually planning to apply for 2022. 

I added a second major to my degree so I’m finishing that up currently. The calculations I made for my GPA’s are based on worst case scenario grades for the upcoming classes I have.

I plan to write it sometime next year with enough time to re-write if needed. Just wanting to see how far fetched it is given my stats. 

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If you can get a a L2 3.9GPA and a 160 LSAT your odds for Western are pretty good. But it sounds pretty cocky assuming your L2 will be a 3.9GPA. Do you know how OLSAS GPA works? 

Also, it's quite common for people's real LSAT scores to be lower than their practice tests. Be careful about assuming you will score as will on the LSAT as a practice test.  

Anyways good luck with the rest of your undergrad and the LSAT. You can get a better prediction when you get finalized stats. 

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