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Admissions Cycle with Covid Climate Considered?

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I've been lurking law student forums for a long time and have been wondering about what people here think in regards to how the covid climate will impact Robson Hall's 2021 admission cycle. I'm an out of province applicant who has a 3.38 AGPA & a 164 lsat app which I sent out in early September. My stats leave me with an index of 74.22. I believe I saw in a 2020 accepted post that last year someone with a nearly identical index score was accepted off of the waitlist from position #52. I know that I am bordering being accepted & am also preparing to boost my gpa with additional undergrad courses should I be rejected. I guess I'll have to wait until March for the waitlist to be released to be able to assess my chances, but I would appreciate hearing your feedback on how you think Robson Hall's 2021 admissions cycle will be impacted by the covid climate.




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