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Paralegal or Law Clerk career

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Hey everyone! I’m thinking of taking law courses at a local college. I’m debating between Paralegal or Law Clerk.

My questions for those who have experience in the working field:

1. What position is more stressful in terms of the hours and workload?


2. What position is higher in demand right now? 

Thank you!

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Law clerks are definitely in higher demand and I would recommend that over being a paralegal honestly. Unless you have a specific desire to represent your own clients, in which case, being a paralegal gives you the ability to do so. 

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    • Come back in 4 years with a law school acceptance in hand and then we'll believe you, for now, I am skeptical. You don't write coherently and you are completely incapable of engaging with new information when it is presented to you. You must also be pretty naive to come onto a forum filled with law students and lawyers and shit all over the profession. Are you sure you didn't accidentally take a buzzfeed quiz instead of  a practice LSAT? 
    • Hi ! Do you know anything about Cegep students applying to McGill ? I have a 33 R-Score, but the average is 34.6. I also have a lot of EC's for my age. I know McGill doesn't accept many Cegep students... Do you think I have a chance? 
    • Life isn’t always a matter of “better or worse”, things can sometimes just be different, and trying to compare them would be like trying to compare a Coke can and a string of Christmas lights - they may share some similarities, but not enough universally to be able to make a reliable comparison (just picked the two things that came to my eye as I was scanning my room haha).    Arts has its pros and cons as a degree area, as does STEM. Not everyone is suited to STEM and not everyone is suited to Arts. Adcomms have had more than enough experience to know this, and trust that the subject, with all of the skill sets that come with it, that you’ve chosen to pursue for a degree is the one that you connect with most as a student and as a future lawyer. If that field is STEM, that’s fine, if it’s Arts, that’s good too. They offer very different skill sets that are valuable to law. 
    • Your GPA is good, but your LSAT is problematic.  Not sure you'd get an early offer, but going to defer to others on that.

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