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MAG - Work hours for articling students

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I was wondering if any knows typical work hours for articling students at one of the MAG offices in Toronto? Are you expected to work long hours/weekend like the big law positions?


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A poster who wishes to remain anonymous has requested I post this reply on their behalf:

It depends. Some ministries have articling students work as much or slightly less than "big law". Others do tend to work 9-5. But I'll add that even in private practice, I know hours to very widely, and that "long hours" aren't exclusive to big law, and "good work life balance" isn't exclusive to smaller firms.

I've worked many more weekends than not so far. I've definitely worked days where I did nothing but work, eat, and sleep. But I've also had 9-5 days, and even days where I was able to spend a very good chunk of time on admin tasks (non billable) because my files were quiet.

Don't assume you won't work as much as big law. Don't assume you'll work 9-5 with no weekends. The answer would probably fall somewhere in the middle. And it really depends on the ministry. In that sense, I'd advise reaching out to a student at that ministry or someone who recently worked there to get a sense of the time commitment.

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