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LSAT Multiple Attempts: U of T Considerations

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So I've heard different things about how U of T looks at multiple LSAT attempts. One admissions officer said that they look at the percentile of the raw score rather than the score itself; he said that we should not consider rewriting if we are in the 85th percentile or higher, because our raw score is unlikely to increase by THAT much and that having an 85th percentile or higher is probably good enough. 

I know U of T can see all your scores on file and does place emphasis on the highest score, as per their admissions website. However, I am at a loss at how U of T considers that highest score, as I keep hearing different things. For example, my first attempt was 162 (84th percentile), my second was 164 (89th percentile) and now I am attempting the LSAT once more. As you can see, I only had a 2 point increase in my raw score (but a 5 point increase in percentile rank, if that makes a difference). While U of T will supposedly emphasize my 164 (at this point, before my retake), does anyone know if this score will be perceived as pretty much in the realm of a 162 because I didn't improve that much? Or is a 164 a 164 in their eyes, regardless of past scores?

I'm nervous about having multiple attempts on file that don't necessarily have a super big jump in raw scores. 

If anyone could shed some light on this, it would be appreciated! 


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U of T take the highest score.

Getting "nervous" will not do anything. You are still going to take the third attempt no matter what anyone says. 

Just relax and try your best.

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7 hours ago, BayStreetOrBust said:

I would agree with Luckycharm. I wrote twice as well - 160 and 163 - and still got in. 

What was your OLSAS B3 if you don't mind me asking?

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I wrote 3 times - 155, 161, 170. They see them all but put dramatic emphasis on the highest score. Who knows, showing significant improvement may even bolster your application (over 1 high score to begin with). 

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    • I have experience, but it depends on what you want to know exactly
    • Noted.  I will definitely consider UNB, although if you saw my transcript you would cringe, there's lots of 50's and 60's on there from a point in my life where I would have been satisfied with a business degree.  So I'm definitely relying on some of the more holistic schools lol.  I'm capable of much better than that but it's going to take some time or luck to "remedy my standing with God and men" as Machiavelli would say.
    • Queens won't take summer courses. Everyone else will. As for which credits they take, it varies a bit by school but your L2 is roughly your last 4 consecutive semesters. But again, it varies.  Also consider applying to UNB, they'll remove 25% of your worst marks if you've graduated. They will also give you bonus points if you are from the Maritimes. 
    • OK thanks for the help.  I'm also thinking about Dalhousie as long as I can keep my grades up, and Sask if I can do a good LSAT as well as applying some other schools on access with a psychiatrist letter due to the fact that I was diagnosed with severe mental illness and this has affected my grades until this past year, where things stabilised abit and I was able to pull off a solid semester and things also going well so far this semester.  I have some good academic references and have a knack for interviews so hopefully things will work out, if not I will try again in another year after getting my cGPA up a bit higher and working some EC's in there.  But no I'm not set on any particular school; from what I've gathered here any law school in Canada is a major blessing.  I hope to someday work as a defense lawyer and mental health advocate in Newfoundland.   Sorry for asking a billion questions, but do you know if L2 usually includes summer semesters/last 20 credits or if it means last 2 years literally?
    • A 3.8 and a 160 would be very respectable. As for ECs I can't think of too many options for you. Just try and represent yourself well in the interviews and have a solid PS. That should give you a good shot at Ryerson. And if those last credits bring your GPA or L2 up enough you may even try applying more broadly (I don't know if you're set on a certian area or not). 

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