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Any other 1Ls straight up not having a good time?

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I just feel terrible. I’m constantly stressed out about school and job prospects. I feel like there’s so much that I don’t understand about most of my classes and my outlines and case briefs are terrible. I spend all day alone in my room either in zoom class or studying because all the libraries are closed. I barely have time for the friends I had before law school and I haven’t made any new friends here because COVID + super cliquey means I really don’t really belong anywhere. My school’s mental health services suck and it’s a pain in the ass to try and get a counselling appointment to get help. I’m lonely, stressed, depressed and not sure how much longer I can keep on going like this. Is anyone else feeling the same or am I alone in feeling like this?

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Just a note about job prospects: no need to worry about that at this point.

If you are worried about 1L summer: don't. Some opportunities are posted (whether on your school's platform or on other websites) after summer begins and RA opportunities will be posted throughout the year.

If you are worried about OCIs, you will have midterm to practice and you have rest of the year to pick your professors' brains before the final exams hit. 

If you are worried about what you will do after law school, lots of people have no idea what they want to practice in even after they finish law school: that's what articling is for. 

Hope that helps. 

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i'm so sorry man. hang in there. i've been feeling similarly but i find it helps to take some time off even if it means you're losing some study time. watch a youtube video or cook a nice meal. talk to your friends from before law school. feel free to pm me if you'd like to talk :) 

i would try and speak to a counsellor for sure though - what do you mean it's a pain in the ass? 

worst case scenario, you do slightly under-average on your exams. its okay. you'll be fine. 

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My advice is: balance, balance, balance.

Do not spend all day in your room studying and attending zoom classes.

Schedule some time every day that has nothing to do with law school. Watch a movie, go to Wal-Mart, etc.

Your time dedicated to law school may be reduced, but it will not only be more enjoyable, but also more productive.

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    • Logging out of your exam and staring at a blank screen in your room is a terrible feeling. In the before times, it was always nice to get done a hard exam and then look around to see the shocked looks on classmates faces. I guarantee that would have happened if your exam was in person. Don't sweat it. Ive been pleasantly surprised every time I thought I bombed an exam. 
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    • I can't imagine it being that easy. I imagine a fair number of students would be eager to slash their tuition by transferring. 
    • Considering you're taking Corporate in 1L, I'm just assuming you go to Western.  If not, disregard everything I say.  Nicholls' exams are all long and hardly anyone finishes them.  It's true of Corporate, Securities, and probably anything else he teaches.  He's a phenomenal professor in every sense, but his exams are very long.   So yeah, don't worry about it.  Every year everyone comes out of that exam worried that they bombed it because there wasn't enough time to finish, but that's where the curve comes in.   I don't remember how much of the exam I actually completed, but it definitely wasn't near the whole thing (eg: my "essay" was a couple sentences long) and I did fine.  Take a breath, you'll very likely be fine.  You'd probably feel better if you were able to see that everyone else had the same experience as you, but that's just how it is this year.  

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