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1Ls how're you doing with Covid? Honestly

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25 minutes ago, chaboywb said:

What worries me about this is that students will likely be collaborating on their exams. That's going to throw off the curve.

For most law school exams, you don't have enough time to collaborate/discuss your answers. You're rushing to get every point down - even if you're typing for the entire duration of the exam, you still probably won't have enough time to get everything you want down. If you take away typing time to discuss/collaborate, you're shooting yourself in the foot. You won't do as well as students who are prepared.

This would only be a concern for exams that are longer in length.

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1L at UOttawa. My experience is good and bad. 


- I sleep right until the alarm and crawl to my computer 

- super close bathroom and constant access to the kitchen for coffee or food 

- living at home, saving lots of money, being close to my family/ significant other 

- I write exams in my comfort zone. I have exam anxiety and writing it at home is really nice 

- imposter syndrome is less. Why? Because you don’t see people’s smug face after an assignment or exam. You don’t feel the anxiety in the “exam room.” You avoid a lot of those negative toxicity from people because you can simply *mute* 


- time zone difference. I live in the west, so I have to be up 2 hours earlier for my classes. My fall semester consisted of 8am classes... which is 6am here. 
- friends are hard to come by unless you try extremely hard. It is hard to gage who you’d get along with unless you try messaging them on fb or something 

- the constant policing of social media: this may be controversial. We share a group chat with our small group. The expectations are to say the right things at the right time. Social media is weird, some words are typed weird and people get upset. I feel forced to share my social media (Instagram/ Twitter / Facebook etc) in order to connect with my peers. Normally, if I were in person, I’d become friends with these people first prior to adding them on socials. 

- the learning curve is very steep. It’s hard to learn anything online especially with law school. 
- lecture videos are pre recorded sometimes... and they’re long and boring 

- zoom lectures are awkward and too much screen time. I haven’t moved from my computer for the whole semester. I am a big sloppy potato by Christmas 

- feeling like you suck at everything and sucking at it alone 

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I assume they mean making sure your social media accounts are suitable for classmate consumption. 

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