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Discord link- Class 2021

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Hello Future Ryerson Law Students, 

My name is Leo, and I am the Vice-President of Governance and Academics at the Ryerson Law Students' Society (RLSS).

RLSS has created a discord channel for future students to meet current 1L students and to ask questions!

Please feel free to connect with us, we look forward to meeting you on Discord. 


Kind Regards,


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    • From my experience, I improved my grades drastically when I stopped implementing "boiler plate" statements of the law into my exams. If you are doing any pre-writes beforehand, I would recommend stopping, and instead focus the majority of your space (80%+) on analysis of the facts.  Additionally, ensure that you are showing both sides of every argument - avoid words like "clearly", "obviously" - if it was clear or obvious in the professor's mind, it probably wouldn't be on the exam. To address the clarity element your professor is referring to, I would recommend using lots of headings and sub-headings to divide the issues, so your prof knows specifically which you are speaking to.  If you aren't doing these things already and are able to implement them, you should definitely see some improvement! 
    • I just got my fall grades back and overall I did well. My lowest grade so far has been a B in Criminal Law. It was the criminal law exam I wanted to ask about. I got a B on the exam. My prof said that, while I had alot of good analysis, a lot of my analysis was muddled by irrelevant information. She also said that I am not precise in my writing, and sometimes it is difficult to determine what specific elements of the issue/problem I am trying to arrive at. I scheduled an official feedback session with her. Would there be anything anyone here could advise me on in terms of how to be more precise on exams, and filter out irrelevant information? Has anyone else had this problem? I will say that I panicked on this exam and did not think, at one point, that I was going to write anything at all. So during the exam I started writing and then did not have a lot of time to edit once I finished. I also believe that a B is a perfectly good grade considering my other grades were higher, but I would personally like to get a B+ in this course, considering the class average is a B/B+.
    • I have experience, but it depends on what you want to know exactly
    • Noted.  I will definitely consider UNB, although if you saw my transcript you would cringe, there's lots of 50's and 60's on there from a point in my life where I would have been satisfied with a business degree.  So I'm definitely relying on some of the more holistic schools lol.  I'm capable of much better than that but it's going to take some time or luck to "remedy my standing with God and men" as Machiavelli would say.
    • Queens won't take summer courses. Everyone else will. As for which credits they take, it varies a bit by school but your L2 is roughly your last 4 consecutive semesters. But again, it varies.  Also consider applying to UNB, they'll remove 25% of your worst marks if you've graduated. They will also give you bonus points if you are from the Maritimes. 

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