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Chances at U of T with 3.56 GPA?

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I'm applying to U of T with a cGPA of 3.47 and a B3 of 3.56. I know this is quite a bit below the median, but my degree is in Engineering Physics from Queen's which is a tough program, and I know this is at least somewhat taken into consideration.

I haven't written the LSAT yet, but I'm practice testing at around 168-172, though I know practice test scores can be misleading. I'm writing the November test and depending on the result maybe the January one. 

Basically, I'd like to know if the GPA is an application killer or if a high enough LSAT and a solid personal statement would let me stand a chance. Thanks.

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hey! I think you definitely do have a chance if you score in the 170s with your LSAT (or at least be in the 95th+ percentile). I heard UofT weighs GPA a little more than LSAT score, however, you're right in that they do slightly consider your program/undergrad (not a lot, but still a bit!). I know someone who had a 3.55 and a 171 LSAT and got in! so I think with a strong personal statement and a higher LSAT, you definitely have a chance!! if certain factors also impacted your gpa, you could definitely mention that in your personal statement and they will consider that too! don't give up! 

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