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Hey everyone, I am wondering if there are any established LSAT study groups with U of M students or around Winnipeg? I know things are likely very different with COVID

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    • Thank you! My only thing with this is that I would have to manually calculate an average based off the threads, each year for each school I’m interested in. If the data is not already accessible online somewhere this is what I’ll have to do!
    • Write the LSAT and see how it goes. My cGPA and L2 were both similar to yours and I ended up with multiple acceptances to choose from and admittance to one of the most competitive schools in the country. Disclaimer: I had a 99th percentile LSAT score. By definition, most people are not going to accomplish that. I say this not to boast but to convey two main points here: -Absolutely don't count yourself out yet. You don't need to be perfect to get admitted to law school. Write the LSAT and see where you stand. -You will need to do quite well on the LSAT. For some people that's effortless, for some it will take hard work, and for others it will be impossible. Good luck!
    • It's going to entirely depend on your LSAT.  I had a slighty higher GPA to you, similar upward trend and a 166 on my last. I got an offer from most of the schools I applied to, and waitlisted at the rest. So yea, write the LSAT, shoot your shot. Your odds of getting in if you apply are infinitely higher than if you don't.    
    • Check out the accepted forums on here from past years. Each school has them and successful applicants post their stats. 
    • Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker, but this my first post!  So I am a 4th year student in their last semester and I worry if I am even good enough for law school in Canada. I messed up my first year, so my cGPA is currently 3.16, my L2/B2 is 3.63 and B3 is 3.51 according to the OLSAS GPA calculator (https://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/CGPA/Index). I go to a percent based school so cGPA in that format is 76.1 but with a 12 credit drop, it is 81%. I am aiming for only As and A+s this term so hoping my GPA maintains the same or improves by at least a little.  As for the LSAT, I will be writing it this Summer and am aiming for 165 or more. While I am finishing up my undergrad, I am also doing a legal administrative program to hopefully get a job as soon as I graduate in May as an LAA at a firm. I worked all throughout undergrad as a floor manager at a small retail store (until I got laid off last March) and currently have a position as a teaching assistant. Aside from that I have been a member of the students association of the program I am in for the last two years.  Based off this info, do you guys think I should even apply for law school? Are there any schools that you recommend that would only look at L2/B2? My transcript shows an upwards trend but I still fear it is not good enough. I will be applying this fall, and will be working as an LAA like I said, and hoping to do more volunteer work then too (currently restricted in doing this because COVID-19) Looking forward to you replies, thank you! 

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