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Chances? 3.7/158

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What are my chances of getting into Western Law?? 

LSAT: 158, (most likely rewriting) 

B2/L2: 3.72 

cGPA: 3.58 on OLSAS - but 3.7 on my transcript (first year was bad for me - 3.2)

(Good LORs I think, co-op program in uni so strong work experience, and a few EC because part-time job throughout study term) 

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I'm a 2L at Western and I was accepted with similar, but slightly higher stats (158/3.7cGPA/3.72B2/L2). 

I am relatively confident, given my LSAT, that my stats only carried so far and it was my 4th year non-academic experiences that ultimately got me in (I worked full time with a full course load, and did some light volunteering on the side). I would follow the advice of hmyo and rewrite the LSAT. 


Feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk about this in more depth. 

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