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JD in Quebec

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Hi I was wondering if anyone knows the perks of having a JD while practicing in Québec. I noticed some lawyers get their JD and some never do. Knowing I don’t want to practice outside of Québec I am wondering if it’s worth the extra year of schooling or not.

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For certain positions in which you are based in Quebec but are regularly exposed to issues/people from outside of Quebec, it is advantageous to have a common law degree in addition to a civil law degree.

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    • I certainly had less money as a law student, but I had significantly more free time and less responsibility. However, I was the type of person who could get above average grades without doing all the readings. I was exercising 6x a week and playing a lot of video games in law school.
    • No really it's a lovely little ceremony to mark an important life milestone.
    • Gotta say, one thing in this thread I absolutely cannot relate to is the idea that law school is "three more years of not being a full adult". I had way more money, way more free time, and way less responsibility working an actual job than I now do in law school. lol.
    • I did the Vancouver recruit and my experience is that they won't necessarily make eye contact either. Some of my interviewers were using two devices so they weren't looking at me most of the time. One set of interviewers didn't even have their camera on. Then there are the ones that are new to the platform and don't know how to let you in, or have sound issues, or were tuning in on their phone, or from a large board room, or whatever. All this is to say, don't worry too much about eye contact.
    • I know Ultra Vires publishes a piece on the U of T recruit + grades every year (I’ve actually helped work on it in the past), but it’s always acknowledged that the survey can be quite biased/not totally representative for many reasons, plus it’s just a bunch of anonymous numbers without personal context. As such, if anyone has any anecdotal experience with grades/OCIs from U of T, insight would be appreciated! Personally, my 1L grades were probably pretty below average (fingers crossed for better success this term!), although it’s tough to determine what “average” means at U of T and how employers look at our grades. On the other hand, I’d like to think I have a pretty extensive amount of relevant work/volunteer/extracurricular experience, so I’m truly not sure how I’ll fare. 

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