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Chances - 3.36/3.9/159

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Hey Everyone, 

Finally received my LSAT score and was wondering about my chances.

Had a 3.36 CGPA due to a rough first year (especially first semester) and 3.9 B2 /L2.

LSAT: 159 on my First Attempt 

Pretty good EC's and decent references imo.

Please let me know what you think!

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On 9/23/2020 at 1:22 PM, canuckfanatic said:

-5% for every additional post


On 9/23/2020 at 1:51 PM, Luckycharm said:


Oops... didn't think it would spam the site like that lol.

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    • I’m applying to all of them. I have a low GPA so I’m hoping maybe Ryerson, queens, western. But I’m very open to anyone who will take me lmao 
    • My file says "complete ready for review." It also says they received my LSAT score yesterday, but on LSAC it doesn't show they've requested it. I'm assuming they'll wait to request them until the early admissions window is closed (at least).
    • Yes I have used the GPA calculators just I can't believe my eyes.    So upon looking at what schools im eligible to apply for, I'm realizing I caluculating my GPA lower than it actually is.    My understanding is Queens and UVIC use 4.33 as well as Dalhousie. All of which im applying to. My CGPA through my degree is 84.8. Am I right to say that this means I have a 4.0 on their scales?    My LSAT is: 162  If that's the case where can I apply with a 4.0 and 162?   
    • I have slightly different advice from the above (although I agree that your perception your peers are better off than you is probably wrong!).  You wrote that you're doing a lot of reading and briefing, but struggling with the application. It sounds like you need to focus more of your study time to that. You can do that through practice questions/tests, but I also just recommend making up your own hypotheticals in your head. I always would try to simplify it to the most basic and relatable terms. A lot of 1Ls say they struggle with the old cases because of the language, but I think it's also that the facts of cases aren't relatable. So try applying the rule to relatable problems. I may not be explaining this well. Feel free to PM me with a rule/case and I can give a concrete example of what I meant.  Learning the law matters so much less than being able to apply it, and it sounds like that's where you're struggling right now. 
    • I'd say my extra cirriculars are strong but I'm worried my GPA will ultimately hold me back

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