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OCIs and a current accepted offer

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1 hour ago, Mal said:

Who hurt you?


I'm genuinely curious about the standards and what people think. Frankly, I have yet to even graduate and find the question of who owes a moral obligation to whom interesting.

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FYI, read the LSO recruitment procedures for 2L. They identify your obligations as a student wishing to participate in OCIs....I believe one of those obligations is to inform all potential firms still considering you when you have accepted an offer. I'd take a look at those rules more specifically and, based on your original post I can tell you that the rules do apply to the region you worked in. 

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    • This is exactly my position. Got a comfortable government job, work from home and good salary. Decided this wasn’t going to fulfill me and I wanted to try for what I really wanted. I will be starting law school next year so I can’t say where it will take me yet but I’ve had a year to really contemplate this decision and I’m so happy I took the leap.
    • LOL, you didn’t frantically submit OLSAS applications on Oct. 31 and finish other apps throughout the week too, did you?? Nice to know someone else is in the same boat, fingers crossed we hear something soon! 
    • Here is a great link from LSAC where they compiled all the important info for each law school: https://www.lsac.org/choosing-law-school/find-law-school/canadian-law-schools For most of them they list things like the schools history, focus areas, and tuition!  
    • Jk the bursary email just came out. 
    • I applied for the bursary as an undergrad and still haven't received an award or rejection email. I received notice of a scholarship about a week ago so I think they're just super delayed with the award process right now.

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