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Chances? [cGPA: 3.17, LSAT: 160-170 (unofficial)]

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I'm writing the LSAT in November, but I've included the recent range of my practice test scores.

I have strong LoR's, and have some ECs.

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    • Because I grew up and lived in Toronto my entire life, did my undergrad at UofT, and wanted to get out of Toronto for once.  And I don't regret my choice at all, but I did find the teaching at UofT to be better compared to what I experienced in Ottawa. Now I have no idea how the UofT law professors compared to the Ottawa law professors because all I have is my undergrad experience.   
    • FYI, read the LSO recruitment procedures for 2L. They identify your obligations as a student wishing to participate in OCIs....I believe one of those obligations is to inform all potential firms still considering you when you have accepted an offer. I'd take a look at those rules more specifically and, based on your original post I can tell you that the rules do apply to the region you worked in. 
    • Do you need a compelling reason? Is just wanting to not enough?
    • Try again with the detailed ToC. The indices were just too unwieldy to be useful in my experience. I scored 90% and above on the practice exams using the ToC.
    • Their website says you will be sent a report in the next few weeks, detailing your performance on each individual section. I’m sure this is a hard bit of news to process, but I would wait to get the report before you plan a strategy going forward. That way you can see where your weak points are. The website also indicates there is a tutoring service set up for those who failed their first attempt.    Ultimately, take a deep breath, wait for the report, and go from there. I don’t think there’s any use in speculating where you went wrong when the LSO is going to tell you

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