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UofT: Difference between the PS and the essay

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I was browsing UofT admission package and I have seen that they require a PS (like other law schools also do), but one can also write an essay (which is optional). I am a little confused, what is the difference between the two, what would one include and what would the other?

Appreciate it!

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Guidelines are pretty clear. The personal statement is to share "your" story. The optional essay is prompted.

Optional Essay

2,500 characters (maximum), in plain text, including punctuation and spaces.

The Optional Essay is part of the OLSAS application form, and is not submitted as a separate document by upload or hardcopy. The text is entered on the application form directly.

We strongly recommend the submission of the essay since it is an additional opportunity to provide specific information about yourself to bolster your personal profile. You may choose one of the topics we suggest, such as:

  1. a meaningful intellectual experience
  2. a vision of your future goals
  3. how you overcame obstacles to achievement
  4. how your identity, background and experiences will contribute to the diversity of the law school

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