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TRU and References

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Do you guys think that TRU will follow the U of Calgary and not have required references during the Fall 2020 application cycle? I want to apply on Oct.1st, which would require asking my references a few weeks before that date (aka this week). However, the U of C announced on their application opening day (Sept. 1) that they would not require references for this admissions cycle. Do you think this could be the case at TRU? They seem to value references strongly in my opinion, but I thought I would see what you all are thinking. Good luck to all applicants! 

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I don''t know the answer to your question, but I will say that the answer isn't really relevant.

If you wait to see if TRU changes and they don't, then you'll be stuck asking your references on extremely short notice and those references might be forced to refuse.

If you ask you references this week like you planned, and on September 30th TRU changes its policy, at least you were prepared. 

In either scenario, you should ask your references ASAP. I gave my references 5 weeks notice and one of them still barely submitted theirs before the deadline.

Also tbh, I highly doubt TRU will cancel its reference requirements for this year if they haven't cancelled it by now.

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