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Advice/Things to Know About TEF Express

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Hi everyone! 

Not sure if anyone is in the same boat as me but I signed up for the TFI (October 17, in Laval) and it recently got cancelled. I was debating doing the TEF Express but have heard that it is more difficult than the TFI...

Does anyone have any tips or advice on this topic? Do you know of any location or establishment that is actually going through with the TFI in person? 

Thanks in advance!

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    • 7Sage is gold - I personally couldn't afford a private tutor, but ended up not needing one anyway thanks to them. JY is really good at conveying and explaining LSAT concepts. Each PT and problem set comes with an explanation video for every question, which is so helpful. My diagnostic was a 151 and I also had a goal of 160. I ended up with a 166. On another note, if things go awry, there is 100% no harm in taking a year off like you said. That's what myself and many other friends of mine are doing. If you get a great LSAT in January then that's amazing! If not, then a year off will be a nice break for you anyway 🙂 We are all on our own timelines and there is no rush.
    • Thank you!! Been trying for two years lol so hopefully I can wait for another one 
    • i just read Ryerson take Nov LSAT as the lastest score. They dont take Jan. Ya I find it overwhelmed too. maybe applying next year when you finished all your courses and well prepared for LSAT? If Law school is your dream should never give up
    • The reason I’m cautious about the November test is because I’m taking the classes right now plus work and application process. I wouldn’t want to rush it. I can write in January again if that’s not too late.    Not sure about what others think of the exam but I did score below my PTs which were all high 160s. This could be for multiple reasons but was def unexpected. 
    • I did Harvard Ready with Yoni and it was amazing! Went from a 158 diagnostic in May to a 174 on the actual July 2020 LSAT. I did a course with Harvard Ready but he also does private tutoring. 10/10 would recommend.

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